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    Living your best, most authentic self is the key to happiness and fulfillment in life.







  • About Tonja Demoff

    Tonja Demoff is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur who shares her insights through books and seminars. Her four highly-influential books — Entrepreneur's Edge, Resilient Millionaire, Fresh Starts, and Core Wealth — help to guide, instruct, inform, and inspire other professionals in their career journeys. Tonja shares guidance that she's learned

    From real estate investor to military member to author to trainer and entrepreneur, Tonja Demoff has worn a lot of hats over the past 20+ years — and she has derived important insights from each experience in her career.

    Now, Tonja's created comprehensive work systems and resources to help people apply these insights to their own lives... resulting in the highest possible level of success. She helps others move past the missteps in their lives to actualize their full potential and start fresh in pursuit of becoming their best selves.

    From the business advice in her "Entrepreneurs Edge" seminars to the pillars of resilience, consciousness, optimism, and energy that form her perspective on “Core Wealth," Tonja Demoff uses her life experience to help others take control of their lives on both personal and professional levels. Visit her online and check out her writing to learn more about how you can become your best self and achieve your highest success.

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    Tonja Demoff offers advice and insight to entrepreneurs.

    As an entrepreneur, Tonja knows it can be difficult navigating an unfamiliar world, so she offers some personal and professional advice to those looking to build their own businesses.

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    The most valuable asset we have is at our core.

    Resilience is what picks us up and keeps us moving even when we want to quit - Tonja Demoff shares her thoughts and inspirations that help her grow as a person and professional and keep her moving when she wants to stop.

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    We all make mistakes - here's how to learn from them.

    In life, making mistakes is all a part of the game. The important thing is that you don't let them hold you back from growing and building yourself into the person you want to be.

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